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Coloring pages is the best online coloring pages website in English. Here you can color drawings for free online and also print the drawings to color on paper, you can do it online without having to install anything on the computer like coloring drawings?

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Black Cat (Spider-man) coloring page

Black Cat (Spider-man) coloring page

The Black Cat is an enemy of Spider-Man villain, his name is Felicia Hardy. She was the daughter of Walter Hardy the greatest cat burglar in the world and ended up in prison. He devoted himself to train in martial arts to become an expert and then emulated his father as a thief. With her catsuit tried to rescue his father, but he was very sick.

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In Coloring pages we like to offer for kids and adults always a variety of pictures to color and paint for not need to register or pay anything, only play online coloring in your internet browser. Free coloring pages is possible by Coloring pages. If you want to contact us find us on all social networks like Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Pinterest or Youtube the channels of Gifmania. Black and white images ready to print to the printer and use it with crayons or markers. Teaching and educational activity for kids.

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No matter the topics you like, we have the coloring image you are looking for. Thousands of coloring sheets of all types are waiting for you in our great data base. And remember that, if you have a game that is not in our data base, you can send it on the social networks.


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Our site has a total of 759 designs available for you to colorize the one you want. Very many young artists have already been to our website and have colored much. Are you going to participate? We have a total of 6.385.075 drawings and colored as of today!


Ralph the Wrecker

Wreck-It Ralph Coloring Pages

Coloring page of Ralph the Wrecker, which is breaking a brick wall. Wreck-It Ralph comes strongly to this drawing to print and color with paint or markers, here you choose! If you liked Wreck-It Ralph movie, now you are sure to enjoy coloring the drawings of this great collection of Ralph the Wrecker.

Marceline Abadeer

Adventure Time Coloring Pages

This drawing show us a Marceline the Vampire coloring page, with a terrifying expression. Marceline Abadeer is 1003 years old, although its appearance is anchored in adolescence. She’s the queen of the vampires, and the only one vampire around Ooo. Marceline has a very dark color, and pale skin, but if you want you can color her drawing with happy and bright colors. Sure you give a colorful style contrasts with its striking and terrifying expression. Marceline loves pranks everyone, including Finn. This character sometimes changes her appearance in the series, either changing her hairstyle or clothing, as does Princess Bubblegum sometimes.

Princess Aurora

Disney Princess Coloring Pages

Princess Aurora is the protagonist of the film Sleeping Beauty. When Aurora comes all citizens of the kingdom of his parents make him a special gift, but the witch Maleficent the sentence to be pricked with a spinning wheel and fall asleep. Aurora pricked and falls asleep until Prince Philip comes to the castle and awakens with the first kiss of love.

Mother’s Day Card

Mother’s Day Coloring Pages

You don’t know what to give your mom for Mother’s Day? We suggest you to give a colored pattern for you, we give this white drawing of a mother with a greeting, and you must color the picture of mom with her card and then give it to her, with your signature and a dedication. For them, print this coloring page and then color it as you like.

SpongeBob Squarepants

SpongeBob Coloring Pages

Have fun coloring this and other characters from Sponge Bob Square Pants cartoon series. SpongeBob is the most famous sea sponge by the Nickelodeon cartoon. Here we see Bob looking happy and content. The truth is that this character is known for being very cheerful and funny, and almost always in a good mood. It is also very nervous and excited at once for anything. Here he is very lively, but lacks a bit of color. You must cfoloring Bob choose colors that you like, you can even print the SpongeBob drawing to paint it on paper!

The novelties that we have added in the coloring pages on the last days to the Gifmania network, do not forget to come here every day to see our newest contents. With us you will always have fun, and coloring or print pictures with us is free! At school it is very common that are used as training and educational material, help the child's educational development and motor skills and coordination. Paint to color online with over one hundred categories like infant, for children, princesses, cartoons, children's stories or series with thousands of free online drawings.

Coloring pages is a network which is present on all the most important countries and in all continents. You can do our activities through the Internet, no matter where you are from, if you have a flash plug-in or you can play on the versions of our websites for mobile phones, iPhone, Android, Samsung, iPad and other tablets. This is a free service and visiting our website means accepting the conditions of the service and privacy that are applicable on our website.

We suggest an activity for your kids to have fun and entertain with this activity that helps develop children's motor skills and coordination, as well as an activity both educational and fun. All images are printable in black and white to color on paper by hand.