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Scarlet Witch

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Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch is the daughter of Magneto in the X-Men comics appeared in the X-Men but also appear in The Avengers, is twin sister of Quicksilver. Wanda and Pietro were invited by Iron Man to join the Avengers. She locks close friends with Hawkeye. Years later, to meet part of its history, Wanda and Pietro believed for a time that Robert Frank, alias Whizer was his father, Frank and Wanda and Pietro were called. But then Django knew of them and knew she had not died as he thought. Django died saving the Scarlet Witch Chton entity that had possessed, and even kept their names Wanda and Pietro both took the surname "Maximoff" in his honor.

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Scarlet Witch
Coloring Page of Scarlet Witch

After the tragic death of his daughter, Anya, in a fire caused by an anti-mutant mob, the mutant Magneto, he used his powers and destroyed all the crowd before the horrified gaze of his wife, Magda. Magda fled her husband to the small nation of Transia in the Balkan Mountains, being pregnant with twins. Magda gave birth in the Wundagore Mountain, \"the citadel of the High Evolutionary,\" the twins, Wanda and Pietro. That day the fallen god known as Old Chton infused to the newborn Wanda, great magical potential. Magda died after childbirth.

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