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This man seems very happy with his job as a computer technician. They are the ones who are responsible to solve the technical problems encountered on computers. A difference is that a computer dedicated to the repair of equipment and other inner workings of the PC, with it programs and operating system. Today there are many professions related to computer science, and in practically all professions the computer is used as a complementary tool. Computer technicians have to endure their friends and family ask them favors to fix their computers or problems they encounter. This can be a hassle for them, and it happens in most cases!

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Computer technician
Coloring Page of Computer technician

Computing is the responsible science for managing and analyzing all types of encrypted data in a certain way. For this are used computers, which are technologically advanced devices that today are available to all the people. Computer technicians are experts in this type of devices, both in its internal operations and programs and applications with which you work on them. In the companies they are responsible for maintaining the equipment and resolve technical problems in PCs. The most related professions to computer are computer programmer, graphic designer, technical systems and telecommunications, among many others. People who engage in this type of work is usually because they like working with computers and have been doing so for many years before becoming their work.

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