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The workers have a tough and sacrificed job. Its functions are very diverse, and often have to do with construction. For this illustration we see a worker who is making holes with a jackhammer. These tools are used to make holes in the asphalt or harder to put ground wires or pipes. It is also common to see workers constructing buildings, because they are responsible for making the cement mixture and place each brick correctly. Usually they wear a helmet for safety, because sometimes can fall debris of the work, and it is very dangerous. When they are on scaffolding must be secured with a harness and ropes.

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Coloring Page of Worker

In this drawing is represented the profession of worker. They can also be called builders. They often work all day outdoors, and that can be very hard. When it is hot, be protected from the sun, and when it\'s cold sometimes set fires to keep warm while working. The most used tools for workers are the shovel, trowel, level or the concrete mixer. They also use large machines such as cranes, trucks or jackhammers, to help them perform the most difficult tasks. A worker must take great care to perform their work, as it is a job with great occupational hazard. If you know someone that belongs to this profession, you can make a nice drawing and have a detail to that person. Sure will thank you!

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